There are several ways you can filter your worksheets to make finding what you're looking for easier.

In the Worksheets view you can either view all worksheets (for all staff members and clients) for a certain period of time or filter out worksheets for certain staff members or clients.

To filter out a specific employee or client, just choose a staff member or client from the drop down menu. Now your page should display only worksheets connected to that specific staff member or client.

You can also use these filters together - view timesheets for a certain employee connected to a specific client. In this case just choose both a staff member and a client from the menus.

You can also select for which time period you wish to view timesheets for. To do this, select either 'Last Week', 'Last Month' or 'Custom' - the 'Custom' option allows you to choose your own start and end times for the period you wish to display.

There are a few extra bits of information you can choose to display on a staff member's worksheets, these are badge number, position short code and rate/charge. To display any of these on the worksheets just tick the boxes in front of them.

Now you know how to filter worksheets to help you find the ones you're looking for, have a look at how to approve worksheets.

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