You are able to cancel your shift applications as well as approved shifts if this is allowed by your company. Please note, if you need to cancel a shift in less than 24 hours prior to its start time you will need to do it by calling in, otherwise you can cancel a shift via the Parim mobile app or a desktop.

Cancelling shifts on Parim mobile app

  1. Go to the app's menu by tapping the menu icon (three horisontal lines) and then choose 'Schedule'.

2. On the Schedule page you will see three different tabs which are your 'Confirmed' shifts, 'Pending' shifts - shifts waiting for confirmation and 'Open' shifts which you can apply for. You are able to cancel the Confirmed and Pending shifts.

3. Tap on the shift to open it and then tap on the red 'Cancel' button.

4. Choose a reason for cancelling an approved shift - whether it's 'Sickness' or 'Other', add a comment and click on the green 'Cancel' button. Your shift has now been cancelled!

Cancelling shifts on a desktop

To cancel an approved (green) shift:

Find the shift in your calendar and click on it. This will open a little pop up window that among other things has a red 'cancel' button in it.

After clicking it, the system will ask you to give a reason for cancelling approved shift, therefore you need to enter required information and leave comment to the management why do you need to cancel this shift. After you have entered all the required information click on 'confirm' and the shift will be cancelled.

To cancel a shift application (blue):

Find the shift in your calendar and click on it. This will open a little pop up window. Click 'Cancel'.

OR you can go to 'Open Shifts' on your toolbar and find the shift - the status will be 'Submitted' and click on the 'Cancel' button there as well.

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