There are several filters on the Schedule page that help you organize your page view to make using it more convenient.


On the left hand side of your Schedule page you can filter your schedule overview by either 'Sites' or 'Event' and also 'staff' and 'subcontractors', as well by 'all' staff or the 'prefered' ones.

To view a specific site or event:

1. Pick either 'Events' or 'Sites'. Now you should see all the different sites/events inserted into the system below.

2. To view the schedule and shifts for a certain event or site click on its name or type it's name into the 'Filter site or Event' field. Now your schedule will display details connected to only that event/site. Keep in mind that the system will automatically display only staff members who have shifts for that event/site. If you wish to view all staff, click on the 'All' box.

You can add sites and events on the corresponding pages that you can access from your top tool bar.


When you're viewing your schedule one specific site or event at the time, you can also see a few more staff filters in the top left corner of the Shifts section – this includes:

  • All staff/preferred staff - this allows you to view either all staff members or only members who have been added as preferred employees, the same for the subcontractors
  • Filters - these are additional staff filters including position and certificate

If you're viewing all the sites or events, you can't see preferred or banned staff, however, you can display the schedule of only one specific employee. To do this, type their name into the 'Filter by name' (within the red frame) box in the top left hand corner on the staff list. This is useful, for example, when you wish to view a certain staff members' schedule but don't want to scroll through the whole staff list below.

Now you know how to use filters to make viewing your schedule easier and you're also almost done with the Schedule walkthrough - the last article is just to remind you about shift statuses - have a look here.

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