You can find out what is your Holiday Allowance both on the PARiM web and mobile app. Please note, this option is only available if your company uses PARiM software to manage absences.

Viewing holiday allowance on the mobile app

Navigate to the ''More'' menu tab and from there open the ''Absences'' section.

Viewing holiday allowance on the web app

Go to the 'Time Off' tab on the left-hand side menu bar - this will take you to the Absences page.

You can find your Allowance information on the top left-hand side where you will also have an overview of what you have Used, Booked, Requested and what is Left to use.

To find out how to request an absence or to book a holiday read here.

Good to know! If the Time Off tab is not available on your account, then please contact your company office directly for further assistance as they will be able to advise you on their absence requesting process.

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