Pay and Charges feature enables you to set location and client specific pay rates and charge rates for positions. This is useful for if you have positions that have different rates at different locations or for different clients. 

There might be two reasons why your new rates and charges are not showing:

1. The new or updated rule has not been applied.

If you add or edit new rates and charges they won't automatically apply to the historical shifts. You would need to use the 'Apply to shifts' or 'Apply' function from three dots menu to choose for which already created shifts you want the new rates and charges to be applied to.

Please have a look at how to use 'Apply to shifts' functionality if the already existing rule has been updated previously using 'Edit' in Pay&Charges list

Please have a look at how to use 'Apply' functionality straight after updating rates under Pay&Charges list using 'Edit'

2. 'Use Personal Rate As Preferred Shift Rate' is switched ON.

The new rates will not show on shifts if the 'Use personal Rate as Preferred Shift Rate' in ON.

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