The Business plan is for more seasoned organisations, who want to raise the standard of their operations and staffing with a solution that fits their business from day one. 

It is designed to connect your long-term plans and ambitions with your day-to-day operations. The base price, £99/$129, includes 3000 scheduled hours for free and a people database for up to 500. Additional scheduled hours are charged extra and get cheaper the more you schedule.

Along with everything in Compact you get cutting-edge tools to set up the right workflows and processes a larger organisation with more people and complex structure requires.* Such as:

You can easily mix-and-match together these and many other advanced features for the most effective combination of tools for getting your work done, and keeping your people happy.

Start today as the Business plan offers a breath of fresh air to your people – bringing your vision of your business to life within a modern software with award-winning user experience.

*For the complete plan comparison see

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