The Professional plan is the most cost-effective workforce management solution on the market for staff-intensive organisations with hundreds to hundreds of thousands of people.

Because of its no-limits approach, it is the best choice for the modern world of flexible work. The base price, £149/$179, includes our complete industry-leading solution for unlimited people and 4000 scheduled hours for free. Additional scheduled hours are charged extra and get cheaper the more you schedule.

We named it “Professional” as it truly is what professionals across all sectors yearn for – workforce software without limits to your people, departments, shift patterns or anything at all.*

Here's why the Professional plan is for you:

  • Cost-effectiveness: for any organisation with at least a couple of hundred people in their staff pool, the price-per-user quickly becomes unbeatable. See our pricing calculator

  • Real-time metrics and decisions. Besides other bleeding edge features, you can see real-time scheduling conflicts and statistics and labour costs right while scheduling.

  • Constant value creation. Having an endless variety of people, working time rules or any other valuable business data at your fingertips in seconds leads to faster decision making, value creation and business growth across your company and stakeholders.  

Start today and see why the Professional plan has proven itself for hundreds of top firms.

*For the complete plan comparison see

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