PARiM offers 3 plans that cater to the stage of growth your business is in:

  • The Compact plan is ideal for smaller firms or when you are just starting up.

  • The Business plan is great for a bit larger firms that already have defined plans and processes they want to bring to life and to improve with an advanced set of features.

  • The Professional plan with its unlimited people database and offering is the most cost-effective and best choice for any firm with more than a couple of hundred people. 

Not sure which one is right for you? You can start with a free trial and make your selection later.

Benefits across plans

Whatever plan you choose, PARiM stands out from the competition because:

  • The more you use, the more you save. With all of our plans, PARiM gets more cost-effective the more you schedule as the cost per scheduled hours decreases.

  • We have outstanding support. We offer free 24/7 essential support via online chat, a comprehensive support portal, detailed how-to videos and we have probably the most extensive free user guide any workforce software ever has offered.

  • A genuinely effortless user experience. PARiM is built hand-in-hand with industry leaders and professionals like yourself and has won awards for its ease of use.

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