PARiM mobile app is available for download in the Apple App Store and in the Google Play Store. After you have installed the app you will be able to log in using your email ID and password.

Please follow these steps to log in to the PARiM app:

  1. Open the app, enter your email ID and click "Next"

  2. Choose your team by clicking on it

  3. Enter your password and click "Log in"

If you are unable to log in, please check out the following articles:

Good to know!

If you have an account with several companies that use PARiM workforce software, but you use a different email address for all of them, you can enable the "Shared device" feature in your PARiM app settings to easily switch between the accounts.

You can read more about the "Shared device" feature in this help article: "How to use the Shared device mode in PARiM's mobile app?" (under "Shared Device on the mobile app for one person").

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