PARiM Pay and Charge rules offer the possibility to set up special pay and charge multiplier for shifts that take place on a bank holiday which you have added to the system under Absence settings. Special pay and charge percentage will automatically add an additional amount to the shifts.

How to add special pay and charge for a bank holiday?

If you would like all the shift rates to be multiplied by a certain percentage on a bank holiday then please follow the below steps:

1. Add special pay and charge percentage under Financials - click either on 'Special Pay' or 'Special Charge' and set the multiplier up by clicking on 'Add Holiday rule'. Fill in the name and percentage and click on 'Save'

Good to know! The multiplier is general and will apply for all the shifts on the particular bank holiday day if you turn on special pay and charge for it.

2. Add Bank Holidays
to the system under Absence settings - add a name, select the date and decide whether special pay multiplier needs to be applied for the shift rates

3. Update Bank Holiday to have a special pay or charge multiplier. Please click on the already existing bank holiday name and simply turn the settings ON.

Good to know! If the bank holiday has special pay or charge turned ON, then it will be indicated with a green tickĀ 

Now all the shifts that take place on Bank Holiday day will have a special rate and the calculation is seen if you click on '?'.

If you are interested in accessing the Beta version of Pay Rules, write to us at

However, please keep in mind that while a Beta version often introduces exciting new features we all would love to use as soon as possible, it may contain small bugs and slight errors that may not get fixed as a priority or before the main release.

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