If you can't log into your account yet, not to worry! There are a few reasons as to why you might not be able to access your account fully as of yet, have a look at the following steps here to find out more!

Please note that PARiM does not manage employee accounts, so in most cases, you will need to turn to your employer to resolve the matter.

1. Please use your email ID to log in

Please use your email ID to log in to your account at general Login page and choose the team where you would like to log in.

2. It says 'You have no access' OR 'Your account is not activated'

If you're trying to log in to your account and it says 'You have no access' or 'Your account is not activated' it means that your company hasn't given you access to the system yet OR hasn't activated your account. However, once they do you will receive an email about it with further instructions. Please note that sometimes it may take a while.

3. It says 'No teams found for this email'

Please check that you have entered your email ID correctly. If the email ID is correct, then this means you do not have an account with PARiM yet. Please reach out to the company you would like to work for to ask how could you create an account for yourself.

4. Wrong / forgotten Password

Always make sure to use the latest password sent to you. It might be that you received a couple of different emails with login details so please make certain to use the latest one with the most recent login details.

Alternatively, go to your login page, click on Forgot Password and you will receive a password recovery link to your email. You will then be able to create a new password yourself.

5. Web address for your company's login page

If you wish to log into your account via a desktop then please use general login page OR your company's PARiM web address which is yourteamname.parim.co .

If the company┬┤s PARiM web address doesn't take you to your company's login page, make sure that there are no other words or characters after the parim.co address. If there are any then it might be that this is a web address for a different portal and therefore will not let you login.

6. Your team name

Team name is your company's name in PARiM system. You will need to enter this manually when logging into your account via our PARiM app if your email ID is not linked to any environments.

How to find out what is your team name? When an account is created for you in the system you will receive a Welcome Email with your company's team name and login details. If you are not able to find such an email you can also ask your employer directly - they will be able to tell what your team name is.

7. Your account is waiting to be approved

The time that it takes to approve your account depends on your company - it is up to them to approve it for you.

Please note that until your account has not been approved you will only see the page with your details and won't have a full access to the system yet. Once it has been approved, you will be able to start using your account in full.

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