You can apply for future planned absences and holidays if you log into your account on PARiM. Please note, you are able to request Time Off when your company manages the absences on PARiM Workforce software.

Requesting an absence via PARiM mobile app

1) Requesting an absence via the Absences section

In PARiM mobile app navigate to the ''More'' tab and from there open the ''Absences'' section. Next, tap on the " + " icon and select ''Request time off''. Now you can choose the desired absence period and type. Add a comment and press the "Request time off" button. You will see the created absence request below in the Absences list.

2) Requesting an absence via the Schedule calendar

It is also possible to request an absence directly on the Schedule calendar. In order to do so, go to the ''Schedule" and tap on the start date of your absence. Next, tap on the " + " icon in the top right corner and select "Request time off". Proceed with applying for absence as described above. When finished, you will see the requested absence period coloured in striped on the calendar indicating that it needs supervisor or manager approval.

Requesting an absence via the web app

Please follow these steps to request an absence via the web app. Go to the ''Time off'' page from the menu bar - this page displays an overview of all your existing absences if there are any and also lets you request new ones.

To request for an absence, click on the green ''Book time off'' button in the top right hand corner. This will pop up a box where you have to enter all the requested information or just simply click on the day on the calendar.

After you are done filling in all the required fields click 'Send Request'. Your absence request will now be forwarded to the system administrator and they will either accept or deny it - either way you will receive a notification about it in the Staff portal as well as an email.

You can also request an absence on the 'Schedule' page. Simply click on the red ''Request Time off'' button in the upper right corner and follow the instructions.

Good to know! If the Time Off button is not available on your account, then please contact your company office directly for further assistance as they will be able to advise you on their absence requesting process.

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