This article covers topics such as what is 2FA, how to set it up, how to disable it and what to do when you can't sign in. It only covers the topics for staff portal. If you are an administrator in your organisation, please see the following article: 2FA for administrators

What is Two-Factor Authentication?

When signing in, you would normally need to enter your email address and password sign in. Two-Factor Authentication means that in addition, you also need to enter a time-based one-time password (TOTP). This is an additional security measure to keep someone else from signing in with your account even if they know your email address and password.

How to set up Two-Factor Authentication?

If your organisation has set up 2FA, you can turn it on in the staff portal. Alternatively, an administrator can turn it on for you.

You would then be prompted to choose a method of authentication. Either a code-generator app such as Google Authenticator or SMS. The app is best if you have a smartphone. If you don't have a smartphone, you would need to rely on SMS. Do note that in order for you to use SMS authentication, your organisation needs to have the SMS functionality enabled.

The final step depends on the choice you made.
APP: You need to install the authentication app and use it to scan the QR code.
SMS: You need to receive a code via SMS and enter it. Make sure that your phone number is verified, otherwise the SMS will not be sent.
You have now set up 2FA on your account.

How to disable Two-Factor Authentication?

To disable 2FA, click on the highlighted area.

You would then need to choose the method of disabling 2FA depending on how you receive your codes. If you used SMS to set up an authenticator, it can only be disabled using an SMS code. If you used an authenticator app to set up 2FA, both SMS and app codes can be used.

You then need to enter the code you received from app or SMS and 2FA will then be disabled.

If you are unable to receive the code for any reason, you can also ask someone in your organisation with administrator rights to disable 2FA for you.


1. I uninstalled the code-generator app or no longer have access to the phone it was installed on.
You need to contact an administrator in your organisation to disable and re-enable 2FA on your account.

2. I lost my phone or my phone number has changed.
You need to contact an administrator in your organisation to disable and re-enable 2FA on your account.

3. I still have access to my current phone, but I want to change the mobile number on my account.
If you have SMS 2FA set up, the system will disable 2FA as it was connected to the number and you need to set it up again.

4. I went through the trobleshooting steps, but still need help. Contact Parim support through the chat bubble or send an email to

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