Quick Start: First steps
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There are three essential steps you should complete to successfully get yourself started after logging in for the first time.

1. Setting up your company profile means filling in the basic information about your company that is visible to both your people and clients and choosing the initial settings for the portal. You can also customize the system by uploading your logo and making the FAQ section company specific.

2. Adding people is inserting your employees into the system along with relevant details and information. You can also give your peoples access to the staff portal which means we will send them their details and they can log in.

3. Adding clients pretty much works like adding people - you can insert all your clients into the system and add sites, contact persons and other information. All contact persons can also be given access to the client portal.

Obviously there is more to using the portal than these three things, but we recommend you do all this or at least learn how to do them before anything else.

We've written a few articles to help you with all of them, so here they are:

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