Pay and Charges feature enables you to set location and client specific pay and charges for positions. This is useful if you have positions that have different pay rates and charges at different sites, or for different clients. Rate Cards help you effectively set and manage all these rates and charges. Once you have set the rules for them, when you go to Schedule to create a shift and pick the site and client, the system automatically gives you the right rate and charge.

Where to find pay and charges section?

For your convenience, there are three places where you can add and edit these rules.

Pay & Charges page - you can find this page under the Location tab. Here you can not only add and edit the rules but also have an overview of all the rates and charges on your system which makes managing this information easy and quick.

Rate Cards - you can find this section both if you go to an individual location or a client's profile. It lets you add and edit the pay rates and charges directly for that particular site or client.

How to add, edit and apply the rules for rates and charges?

Now when you know where to find this feature, how do you add a rule? It is very simple and works exactly the same way on the Rates & Charges page as well as in the Rates Cards section.

1) Click on 'Add Rule'

2) Choose the Position, Site and/or Client

3) Insert the Rate and Charge

4) Click on 'Save'

Applying the rule to shifts:

Once you have successfully added a rule and saved it, it automatically gives you the option to apply it to the already existing shifts should you wish to do so. Simply click on 'Apply' to open the dialogue box, choose the shifts and 'Apply'.

Editing the rules:

1) Click on 'Edit'

2) Change information as you wish

3) Or click on the three vertical dots for more options to appear

4) When finished editing, click on 'Done'

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