Personal rate allows you to set an individual rate for an employee who has their own specific pay rate. There are two ways to use this feature, you can either set the personal rate as a default for a staff member or you can choose to only apply it to the selected shifts.

How to use Personal Rate as default?

1. Setting personal rate as a default pay rate means that it will override the other pay rate rules. For example, if you have a general position pay rate set up but a person has a personal rate assigned to them the system would default to the personal rate instead of the position rate. To activate the Personal Rate option you will need to switch a relevant setting on. This can be done in the Scheduling Settings under the Shift Assignment section. Find the setting 'Use Personal Rate as Preferred Shift Rate' and switch it ON.

Switching this setting ON means that if you have set a personal rate for an employee, it will always be attached to them regardless of what shifts they are allocated. What is more, all the Open Shifts that they see in the Staff Portal will appear to them with their personal rate.

2. You can add Personal Rate on a user's profile in the Employment section. Simply click on the box that says 'Not Set', insert the rate and click 'OK'.

NB! Please note that if you set a personal rate for someone, it does not automatically apply to already existing shifts. If you want to apply the personal rate to the shifts that have already been created, you will need to use the 'Apply' option on staff member's profile where the Personal Rate is.

3. Applying Personal Rate to already existing shifts. Once you have set the rate, it will display an option to 'Apply to Shifts'. If you click on it, it will open up a dialogue box where you can choose the shifts that you wish to apply the personal rate to. You can choose the time period and either select all the shifts or only a few.

4. If you wish to remove the personal rate from an employee, simply click on 'Unset' and then 'OK' to save the change. The box will then show as 'Not Set'.

5. If you have been using the Personal Rate but wish to stop using it and want to make sure that the person doesn't have any shifts left with the personal rate attached to it, then you can apply the Unset to shifts as well. When you have unset the rate and it shows 'Not Set', click on 'Apply to Shifts' and proceed as you would with applying the personal rate. Choose the shifts you want to unset the personal rate from and click on 'Apply'.

How to apply Personal Rate to selected shifts only?

For this purpose, you do not need to switch the personal rate setting ON but can simply go ta an employee's profile, set the personal rate and apply it to the selected shifts (as explained above). The personal rate will not be attached to the staff member automatically when creating new shifts.

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