The staff portal is for employee self service. Staff members can access this area to view their personal timesheet, information about shifts they are assigned to or apply for available shifts and view or update their personal information.

'Schedule' gives you an overview of your shifts: the ones you have been assigned to, the ones you have already approved as well as shifts that are waiting for your approval and shifts that you have applied for yourself. On this page you can request time off, view schedule by month or a week and set up your unavailability. When clicked on the shift's box the pop up box will be display with more information about the specific time, date, position and information about the site you have been assigned to, as well this is where you can add expenses or view shift comments, set your availability and print out your schedule if needed.

As well on this main page you can clock in/out and record your break. The clock will appear in the middle of the top part of the page an hour before your shift due to start.

'Open Shifts' displays and gives detailed information about all upcoming available shifts and allows you to simply apply for them. You can view available shifts for the next couple of weeks which show up automatically or you can choose a specific date from the calendar on your right hand side.

'Timesheet' tab shows you information about all your finished shifts along with the total amount earned and also allows you to view and approve your worksheets.

On the 'Time off' page you can view your absences summary. How many days have been taken and still are entitled to. On this same page you an request ansences also.

On the 'Documents' page you can upload and view all necessary work related documents you might want to store in the system or the documents that your manager shared with you.

'Assets' is the last tab on your portal's navigational tab. Which shows all company assets currently in your possession and also view detailed information about them – description, return date, price etc. You can also view your asset history – which items and when have been handed out to you in the past and when you have returned them.

On the top right hand side you will find:

'Messaging' - an envelope shape icon which allows you to view private messages you have received from your manager and also reply to them.

'Notifications' a bell shape icon next to the messaging icon. Stores information about any updates or alterations that have been made concerning your work schedule (new shifts appointed to you, shift cancellations etc.).

At the last top right corner you can access 'My pofile' section. Here you can upload your profile picture, add and edit your work experience, education, emergency contacts, skills and expertise, personal contact information or verify your phone number. Also you can change your log in details here too.

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