Step 3: Add clients
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After you have completed your profile and added your first employees, it's time to add clients.

1. Find 'Clients' in your upper toolbar under the tab 'Locations'. Clicking on it will take you to your list of clients.

2. Similarly to when you added an employee, there is an 'Add Client' button in the top right corner. Click on this to add a new client.

3. Fill in the name of your new client. Click 'Save'.

4. Now you can add a site for the company you're currently adding. Fill in the name, address and city information for the site – you can also add directions for your employees if you wish.

5. The next step is adding a contact person for the company. Please fill in the name, email, phone number and other relevant information about them.

  • If you tick the 'Assign the contact to the sites' box, this contact will be assigned to the site you just entered for the company in the previous step. If there is more than one site connected to this company, you can choose which site this person will be a contact for.

  • You can also choose whether this person will have access to the client portal – if you leave the option on, we will email them their login information. After filling in all the information, click 'Save'.

You have now successfully completed your first client profile and they should show up in your client list. If you wish to edit their profile, simply click on the company name in the client list, if you wish to delete them from the system, click on the trashcan icon to the right from their name.

Getting work started

Now that you have filled in the details and information about your company and added your first staff members and clients, you're pretty much all done with the basics and can start working on planning and organising your work. To find your way around the system you can also familiarise yourself with the Admin Portal.

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