Your profile can currently be updated either by logging into your account via desktop (the web address is or on Parim app.

The first thing you can do when logging into your account is go to your profile and edit any information about yourself that you wish to.

To access and edit your profile:

1. Click on your name on the top right corner on the 'Schedule' page (within the red frame).

2. Select 'My Profile' from the drop down menu. This page displays your details, contact information, previous work experience, education and skills and expertise.

3. To add to any of this information, click on the small blue '+ add' option in the top right hand corner of a section. This will open a pop up window that allows you to simply add new information. After you're done, click 'Save' and the added information should now be displayed in the section.

4. If you wish, you can also upload your profile picture. To do this you need to click on the photo area which initially will have your initials on it and follow instructions. Read more here.

4.1. Click on the photo area and click on 'Add File' on the pop up box;

4.2. Select a photo from your computer.

4.3. Once you have selected your photo you can crop it, otherwise just click 'Done'.

4.4. And the system will upload that picture to your profile.

Now that you have perfected your profile, you can go ahead and have a look at your shifts and schedule.

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