You can apply for future planned absences and holidays if you log into your account on a desktop.

1. Go to the 'Time off' page in your left side toolbar - this page displays an overview of all your existing absences if there are any and also lets you request for new ones.

2. To request for an absence, click on the green 'Book time off' button in the top right hand corner. This will pop up a box where you have to enter all the requested information or just simply click on the day on the calendar.

After you are done filling in all the required fields click 'Send Request'. Your absence request will now be forwarded to the system administrator and they will either accept or deny it - either way you will receive a notification about it in the Staff portal as well as an email.

You can also request an absence on the 'Schedule' page. Simply click on the red 'Request Time off' button in the upper right corner and follow the instructions.

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