The very first thing you should do after creating your account with PARiM is go to account settings, fill in all the necessary details about your company, choose your portal settings, upload your logo, edit the FAQ section and define your departments if you have them. This information can be added and edited only by the staff members with super admin role rights within the system.

Click here for more information on understanding user roles.

You can find the account settings by clicking on the very last icon on your toolbar.

Company details

First of all - go ahead and check out the company details section, where you can fill in general information about your company (name, address, phone number, time zone, currency etc).

To edit this information, just fill in the information or make any changes in it that you wish in the "Company Details" form, and then click "Save in the bottom right corner.

To the right of Company Details you will see the Portal Settings section. Here you can turn certain settings for the portal ON or OFF. If you're not sure what these settings mean, then there is a little 'i' icon next to each setting - if you hover your mouse over this it will give you a short explanation of what this setting means.

To turn these settings on or off simply click on the slider box, and click 'Save'. The new information will now show up on the page.

Uploading your logo

In your company settings you can also upload your logo, which will be displayed on your login page as well as other places on the site.

To upload a logo:

1. go to the logo upload section on at the top of Company Details click on 'add file';

2. choose the file from your computer;

3. the logo will now upload and you should see it in the "Company Logo" section.


1. drag and drop a file directly from your folder into the gray 'drop file here' area;

2. the logo will now upload and you should see it in the logo section.

Editing the FAQ section

Another thing you should do when setting up your profile is edit the FAQ section - it's located right under your company details section.

You can click on the staff and client portal FAQs and edit them to make them company specific - we strongly recommend you do this because both your clients and staff members can see them in their portals so if they have any questions they can have a look at the FAQs first.

Company departments

Under company details section there's the company departments section - in here you can define different departments if you're a bigger company or even just use it to differentiate between different parts of a building if you'd like. You can assign both your staff members and sites into departments and also filter your schedule view by them.

Now that you have successfully updated all the essential information about your company, it's time to move on to Step 2 of getting you started - adding your first staff members.

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