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You can add a department for your location right when you're adding them into the client database on the Location page or you can also always add more departments for them later.

Adding department while creating a new location

If you would like to add a location to a department while you are creating into the database please follow these steps:

1. Open 'Location' tab and click on 

2.  Next, a new location creation dialogue will open and you can select the department for the location from the already present department list by clicking on the relevant one

3. Finalise the location creation and you will have a location with a department

Adding a department to already existing location

If you would like to add or remove a department from a location, then this can be done in the location´s profile. Please open the location´s profile from the Location list and click on the department section to edit the information. Next, click on the department you want to add and finally click on 'Update'.

You now have added a department to already existing location.

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