You can always cancel or delete any shifts on the system depending on the shift statuses, this can be done on the Schedule page as well as in the Shifts list. Shifts list is great for actions that need to be performed with multiple shifts, for example, deleting many shifts at once, whereas on the Schedule page you can cancel or delete shifts one at a time as needed.

Cancel and delete on Schedule page

Cancelling Unpublished and Waiting for confirmation shifts

These shifts can be cancelled/unassigned from the staff simply by dragging and dropping them back to the top of the schedule to the open shifts area. You can also right-click on the shift and choose 'Unassign' from the options.

The shifts will be released from the staff and move back to the top of the schedule as open shifts which can then be assigned to another staff later.

Cancelling published shifts

To cancel shifts that have already been published you will need to select a cancellation reason and/or absence. Drag and drop the shift back to the open shifts area or right-click on the shift for 'Unassign' option.

Next, a dialogue box will open where you can choose the relevant reason.
TIP! You can also enter your own cancellation reasons into the system which will match your company's specific needs. Find out more here.

Deleting shifts

To delete any assigned shift simply right click on it and choose 'Delete' from the options.

To delete an open shift from the top of the schedule you will find two options if you right-click on it.

The first of which is 'Delete Open' - this means that if there are any assigned shifts that are part of this position only the open shifts will be deleted. The shifts that have been assigned to the staff will remain intact.

'Delete All', however, will delete ALL the shifts from that position - the open shifts as well as all the related assigned shifts from the staff as well.

Cancel and delete on Shifts List

To cancel multiple shifts on the Shifts list firstly use the filters on the left-hand side to find the shifts that you wish to cancel. Next, tick the shifts and click on 'With selected' to open all the possible actions for these shifts. Choose 'Unassign' (for the published and assigned shifts you will need to enter a cancellation reason before you can cancel them).

To delete multiple shifts you will need to follow the same steps as above. For the Open, Unpublished and Waiting shifts it will give the option to 'Delete' immediately under the 'With Selected' button, whereas for the Published and Assigned shits you would need to choose 'Unassign' first and then tick the 'Delete shift' option in the dialogue box.

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