Shifts List allows you to perform various actions for multiple shifts at once - delete open shifts, confirm shift applications and much more! If you need to know who applied first then here the shift applications are ordered by who applied first.

Shifts List

To find it hover over the Schedule tab and from the options that appear choose Shifts List.


On the left side you will find filters which will help you find the shifts that you're looking for. Whether you want to filter by Site or only work with Published or Open Shifts, simply click on the relevant boxes and filters and narrow down the information to what you need to. Under Add Filter you will be able to select even more specific parameters, for example, you can search by a specific Pattern Name or Checkpoint.

Please read in more detail on 'How to use the filter bar?'


Once you have filtered the Shifts find the button 'Shifts' on the top left corner and choose which Action you want to perform with the Shifts. You can Unassign Published shifts, Confirm shift Requests and much more!

You can perform the same actions for an indivual shift if you click on the three dots at the end of the shift row.

To Print or to Export a CSV use the blue Actions button as usual.


The Shift Colours on the list indicate Shift Position Colours and Shift Statuses - these are exactly the same as on the Schedule page. For example, yellow shifts stand for shifts that are Waiting for Confirmation and striped through shifts means that the shifts are currently Unpublished. Border Colour shifts which are empty inside are Open Shifts meaning they haven't been assigned to staff members yet.


Shift Preview

To see more detailed information about a shift click on the shift row. A sidebar opens with all the information related to that particular shift along with the Shift History and Expenses. The History will have all the actions listed that are related to that shift, for example, when it was created, who approved the Timesheet as well as the Clocking Information.

Pattern Preview

If there is a pattern icon on a shift row it means that this shift is part of a Pattern. If you click on it it will open a Pattern Preview sidebar with all the information about this particular pattern.

If you have any questions or would like to know more, please contact us via the blue button located at the right bottom corner and we will be happy to help you out!

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