PARiM's Billing information

Update, overview, billing address, billing email, credit card

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All billing-related information is accessible via the Billing page. Please hover over the torso icon on the top right-hand side corner and open the Billing page:

PARiM´s Billing Overview page allows you:

1. Have an overview of your PARiM system monthly estimate cost - the estimation circle will show you what is included in your monthly cost

2. Edit and update credit card information - PARiM accepts only credit card payments and valid credit card information needs to be listed within the Billing section.

3. Edit Billing Address and Billing email - the billing address is the one that will be added to your PARiM's invoice as Bill to and a copy of your monthly PARiM's invoice will be sent to the email ID marked within the Billing email field.

4. Have an overview and edit your module subscriptions - this section gives an overview of all the modules you have activated for your company.

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