In Q1 2022 we are releasing a new version of PARiM to all clients. Our main goal for this release was to develop a flexible and powerful set of tools for our clients to pay their staff and charge their clients. This article gives a broad overview of the major new features and pricing plan changes.

Advanced Pay & Charge rules

Where previously pay and charge related rules were located in different parts of the system, they now have dedicated pages to give a better overview. The new pay rules are much more flexible, allowing different rates for day and night or, for example, a minimum wage rule with age brackets. Charge rules follow similar logic and offer more options than before. There are multiple help articles available to help get you acquainted:

There are new pages in system settings that define pay and charge rule priority. This is necessary because a shift may fall under multiple pay or charge rules but only one rule can apply at a time. Information on the priority list can be found HERE.

Additionally, there are separate pages for holiday pay and charge rules to reduce the required manual work needed for holiday payroll. You can read more HERE.

Invoicing report

We were happy with our Pay Manager solution to calculate staff salaries. However, we felt that we could offer a better solution for charging clients. To simplify charging clients for everyone, we developed the new Invoicing report. To make it easier to learn, we designed the UI to be almost identical to Pay Run.

Besides ease of use, the new report also includes margins and other functionality to get a better overview of how your company is doing financially. You can find the introductory article HERE.

Geo Fencing

We already offer Geo Location which shows whether the staff clocked in or out at the location. For some clients, it is vital to be 100% certain that the staff are at the location when starting and finishing their shift. Geo Fencing does not allow staff to take clocking actions unless the app can confirm that they are at the location. The introductory article covers both the description of the functionality and troubleshooting steps for Android and iOS phones.

Two-Factor Authentication

2FA is a common security solution to avoid unauthorized logins to any software environments which will be available in all plans. We have two articles to get you acquainted with. The first one is from the perspective of staff and the second one explains 2FA from an administrator's perspective.

While it is possible to enable 2FA for all users accounts, for most clients the optimal solution is to enable it for only administrator accounts.

Plan functionality changes

Changing plan functionality means that with the new plans we are moving away from usage limitations such as requiring a plan upgrade after a certain number of active people, patterns or employment types is reached. Instead, we are offering 4 distinct products with different functionality. The current Compact, Business and Professional plans will be replaced with Starter, Professional, Premium and Enterprise plans.

Leave & Absence and Time & Attendance modules will no longer be considered separate modules and will both be included as a part of the base product for Professional, Premium and Enterprise plans.

Starter plan is purely a scheduling tool that contains everything needed to create schedules for employees. With this product, we are offering a solution to companies that want to move away from spreadsheets to a modern scheduling tool. From the new functionality, Two-Factor Authentication is included.

Professional plan is a cost-effective solution that covers that includes everything needed by most SME clients. We even kept the plan name as the functionality from the previous and new Professional plan is quite similar. Some of the new functionality is not included such as Invoicing report, Geofencing and the option to make complex Pay and Charge rules.

Premium includes everything from Professional plan, adds all the new functionality that we have developed and includes tools to analyse your company data.

Enterprise plan includes all Premium functionality and enhances it with account management and premium support.

You can find a detailed overview of each plan on our pricing page.

Pricing changes

We are changing the pricing to better reflect the value each client gets from our software. As the new version of our software offers a lot more, for most clients it will mean a moderate price increase. We also simplified the math behind how monthly invoices are generated to be more transparent.

The main reason that we changed our pricing is the need to grow to match our clients’ expectations and this involves higher costs. From listening to client feedback, we know that you want us to develop more features, deliver faster bug fixes and to be able to do custom developments. We also know that many of you are interested in dedicated account management and better support coverage. Over the course of 2021, we have dedicated additional resources to developing these aspects of our service and we will continue to do so in 2022.

If you have any questions, please contact support by either sending an email to or by sending a message via chat bubble.

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