PARIM is a workforce software that many companies use in their daily work to manage their operations and you might have several PARiM accounts with different companies. PARiM app allows you to create your account list for the app main page for easy access with the help of Shared Device functionality. 

The below steps will help you to set up your account list:

  1. Log in to one of your accounts on the app with one of your account and open 'More' tab

  2. Turn ON the 'Shared device' under Settings and choose to 'Add account'

  3. Log in to the additional account by clicking on another team name

  4. Repeat the account adding as long as you have added all of your accounts

After you have set up your account list you will be able to switch between the accounts with only few clicks - please see below:

  1. Open your app and account list is displayed

  2. Click on the account you want to access

  3. To switch accounts - please click on 'More' tab and then 'Go back to account list'

  4. Choose another account or add a new one

Good to know! The accounts are not connected - if you have a shift with one company, then this does not prevent to have a shift at the same time with another company. Please check you schedules on all of your accounts to avoid overlapping shifts.

Tip! You can also add shift to your phone calendar by opening the shift info and clicking on 'Share' icon.

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