Why can't I clock in?

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When there are issues clocking into your shift this can be due to a number of reasons. This article is meant to provide steps to assist with this.


Most often there is an issue of the phone not reaching our services.

To troubleshoot this, we recommend trying with a different network such as switching from Wifi to your Mobile data or vice versa. If that is not possible, you can try to restart your phone and try to position yourself in a place with better reception.


We frequently update our mobile app and while it is not necessary to always have the latest app version to use PARiM.

It is best to update the app every few months to the latest version to ensure it keeps working optimally.

If you have trouble with the app, please update it from the app store. If that does not resolve it, please fully uninstall the app and then try installing it again.


PARiM can be used in different ways, if your employer has enabled Geofencing, which means you need to be within a set radius of your shift location.

In that case, to do clocking actions, you will also need to have the Location Services turned on your phone and the permission for the PARiM app to use that service.

You can find steps on how to enable the Location services on your phone operating system version online and when the app first starts, it will ask you to provide permissions for the Location services, please ensure you provide it.

iOS - If you missed it the first time, then to bring up that prompt again, you will need to go to the shift page and in the top corner, there is an arrow icon with a line through it, press that to bring it up again.

Android - by going into the Locations service on your phone, there will be an option to go into the app list and there you can provide permission to the PARiM app for this feature.

At the end of our Geofencing article, you can find additional troubleshooting steps for allowing the location services feature for the app and phone along with steps to increase accuracy.

If you have tried all the steps and are still having issues, please do not hesitate to contact us through the Chat option in PARiM or by emailing support@parim.co,uk

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