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Activity log, actions, allowed radius, clock in, clock out, shift details

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On the 'Time Clock' page, you can monitor your people’s attendance in real-time, amend and approve timesheets and view detailed activity log for every shift.

Click on the shift row to open a 'Timesheet' sidebar which has all the detailed information about the shift including the Shift Details and Activity Log where every action that has been taken with the shift has been recorded.

Activity Log as an action recorder will show:

  • When and who created the shift or the shift request

  • When shift request was accepted and by whom

  • When and who clocked in the shift

  • Distance to clocking radius if PARiM mobile app is allowed to send location details. Clocking radius can be changed under location profile if clicked on 'Allowed Radius for Clocking' 

  • When the user has sent in the location details if 'Send my location' for people is enable under Time & Attendance System Settings

  • When and who clocked out the shift

  • When and who approved the timesheet

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