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This is a general overview of the Locations page. All of the actions described here are explained step by step in corresponding guides which are linked at the end of the article.

Locations contains an overview and contact information of all both active and inactive locations in which your clients are situated.

By clicking on the location name in the list you can view detailed information about that specific site, including:

  • location map;

  • required certificates for this location;

  • contact persons;

  • preferred or banned people;

  • upcoming events;

  • any existing documents linked to the site.

You can also import bulk location data from existing datasets by uploading a .csv or .xlsx file into your PARiM environment and matching the information according to our system. The import option can be found in the top right corner of the page.

The Action section allows you to specify which department and supervisor is responsible for the location and also add qualifications to locations.

You can also access the work schedule overview of every specific site, which can be viewed by clicking on the small calendar icon on the right hand side of each site.

Now that you've got a general overview of the Locations page, here are some articles to take you through using it step by step:

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