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Mobile app overview for employees

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This article explains what you can do in the PARiM mobile app as an employee:

1. System requirements

System requirements:

  • Android 5 or above

  • iOS 14 or above

You can download the PARiM mobile app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store (search for "PARiM").

2. Mobile app overview

3. My schedule


"Schedule" displays your confirmed shifts, shift requests and shift applications (indicated by different colours):

  • Green – confirmed shifts

  • Yellow – shift requests waiting for your confirmation (click on the shift for an option to confirm)

  • Brown – shift applications waiting for your employer's confirmation

Available shifts

"Available shifts" displays the open shifts you can apply for. It also displays the shift applications waiting for your employer's confirmation.

To apply for a shift, click on it and select "Apply":

To cancel a shift application, click on it and select "Cancel application".

Managing availability

To manage your availability or request absences, press the "+" sign in the top-right corner:

Note that your employer can still decide to assign shifts to you even if you've marked yourself as unavailable. For more information, please contact your employer directly.

4. Time clock

If your employer has enabled the option to clock shifts, the clocking actions will become available 3 hours before the shift is scheduled to start.

Below you will see the explanations for different actions you can take during a shift:

  • Clock in/clock out - clock in when you start your shift and clock out when you finish your shift.

  • Start break/end break - starting the break will pause the shift clock until you end the break. You can only clock one break per shift.

  • I'm on site - sends your current location to your employer if they have enabled this function. You can send your location to your employer multiple times per shift.

  • Check in - sends a check in to your employer if they have enabled this function. You will receive a reminder to check in if you have enabled the push notifications for the PARiM mobile app. To see the check in requirements for the shift, click on "Check in info":

5. More

My profile

Allows you to view and edit some of the details on your profile (to view and edit everything, please visit the PARiM web portal):


Displays your pending and approved timesheets and allows you to make adjustments before confirming them.


Allows you to request absences, view your existing absence statuses and details, and view your absence allowance information:


Allows you to manage your availability.


Displays your pay information for different pay periods:


Displays your employer's contacts (operations and supervisors).


Allows you to set up shared devices to easily switch between different employees and/or employers, change the time format, time zone and customise the push notification settings.


Forwards you to the PARiM help centre where you can find help articles about different features of the software.

The help centre also has a chat bubble to contact PARiM customer support about any technical issues with our software.

Resynchronise with PARiM

Resynchronise with PARiM synchronises the app with the PARiM database. This ensures the app data is up to date.

Log out

Logs you out of your PARiM account. Note that this changes to "Go back to account list" if you have "Shared device" enabled from "Settings".

6. Troubleshooting the mobile app

If you experience any issues with the PARiM app, there are three general troubleshooting steps you can try:

  1. Go to “More” > “Resynchronise with PARiM” (this refreshes the app)

  2. If the issue persists, please restart the phone

  3. If the issue still persists, please reinstall the PARiM app

Android - reinstall the app

  1. Go to "Settings" > "Applications"

  2. Select the PARiM app from the list and choose “Uninstall”

  3. Go to the Google Play Store, search for the PARiM app and install it

iOS - reinstall the app

  1. Hold your finger on the PARiM app icon until a menu appears and select "Remove App" > "Delete App"

  2. Go to the App Store, search for the PARiM app and install it

7. Web portal

You can find the overview of the PARiM web portal in this help article:

If you are experiencing any problems with the PARiM mobile app, you should first contact your employer directly, as PARiM customer support does not directly manage employees. If there is a technical problem or a bug, your employer should contact us directly.

8. New: refer a company & get £100

Starting in 2024, PARiM referral campaign allows all PARiM users to refer PARiM to businesses or employers that are not already using PARiM. Participants will receive £100 for every referred business or employer when they subscribe to a Professional, Premium or Enterprise plan.

Here are quick 3 steps on how to refer an employer or business:

Step 1: Send the referral link to your friends:

The referred business should use this link to create a PARiM free trial using this link.

Step 2. Submit the contact details of the person or company you refer

Submit your referred friend's company contact information at or via PARiM support chat.

Step 3. Collect your £100 reward

Once your referral signs up for PARiM, you will get your £100 gift card sent to your email. Our gift cards are provided by Tremendous. The options range from retail, restaurants, coffee shops, and charity depending on the location.

You can find more information about the campaign on this page and full Terms & Conditions here.

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