Have a look at our introductory video to get an overview of the PARiM mobile app. You will see how to log in, move around the app, view your schedule and also how to perform the most important actions.

The PARiM mobile app has a menu bar which is always displayed at the bottom of the screen for an easier navigation. You will find the following menu tabs: Schedule, Time Clock and More.


Here you will see all your confirmed shifts, shift applications and shift requests. The green colour stands for confirmed shifts, yellow for shift requests which are waiting for your confirmation and brown indicates your shift applications.

Available shifts - to view and apply for shifts tap on the 'Available shifts'. The open shifts are displayed in blue colour.

Adding availability/unavailability

By pressing the plus sign in the top-right you can manage your availability and request absences

Time Clock

Time Clock shows your active shift - the next upcoming shift that starts within the next 3 hours. Here you can start and end your shift, view shift details and notes, the map of the location and the shift timer.


Under the More tab, you will find further options.

Profile - View and edit your profile details. Full details can be edited on the Staff portal.

Timesheets - amend and approve your timesheets.

Absences - request holiday, sick leave and other absences.

Availability - show your entered availability periods from the schedule.

Pay - check out a summary of your worked shifts for a period to forecast your salary.

Contacts - contact details for getting in touch with your supervisor.

Settings - configure notifications, shared app mode, and timezone settings for your profile on the app. Further notification settings are available on the Staff portal.

Support - access to support articles and support chat.

Resynchronise with PARiM - to fully sync your app, used for troubleshooting any app issues.

Log out - the button to log out.

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