Editing pattern

1. To edit a shift pattern you will firstly need to go to the Patterns page - hover over the Schedule tab and choose 'Patterns'.

2. Find the pattern that you want to edit and click on the three dots at the end of the row to find the 'Edit' option OR simply click on the row to open the pattern.

3. Once you have opened the editing view you can edit either the position details or the assignees - these can't be edited at the same. You will firstly need to apply the changes for one and then can move on to editing the other details.

Please note! You can edit all the position details such as Location, Position, Times, Rates and Charges, however, the pattern occurrence days cannot be amended. If you do need to edit the occurrence days the simplest way is to use the 'Copy' pattern option which will easily let you create a new pattern with amended days.

When editing the position count you can always increase the number but decreasing it depends on whether there are any shifts currently already assigned to people. In which case you would firstly need to unassign the people from the pattern and then can decrease the position count.

4. When you have finished editing the pattern you will need to select a time period to apply these changes to. Select start and end dates for the period you wish to make these changes for and click 'Apply'.

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