As you already know Patterns are a great solution for if you have employees doing repeating shifts or if you have locations that need to be covered at all times. PARiM offers different possibilities to extend your Pattern for a longer period.

There are two main options on who do to it - extend pattern by editing OR use auto-extend option.

Extend the pattern by editing

1. To edit a shift pattern you will first need to go to the Patterns page - hover over the Schedule tab and choose 'Patterns'.

2. Find the pattern that you want to extend and click on the three dots at the end of the row to find the 'Extend pattern' option. Next, a new window will open where you can set a new end date for the pattern.


2. Find the pattern that you want to extend and click on the pattern row to open it for editing. Next, click on 'Edit' and change the pattern end date.

Auto-extend the pattern

The Auto-extend option is a great way to let the system to prolong the pattern's period. You can set up the auto-extend while you are creating a new pattern or by editing already existing pattern.

Please follow these simple steps to use auto-extend option:

  1. First, tick the 'Auto-extend' option within New Pattern or Edit Pattern dialogue

2.  Next, set the auto-extend criteria

3. Finally, click on 'Save' to have auto-extended pattern

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