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Client Portal Overview
Client Portal Overview
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The Client Portal allows you to overview your events and the staff appointed to them, approve and print out timesheets and gather essential information about the team members who will be working for you.

Client Portal consists of four main sections: Dashboard, Schedule, Timesheets and Documents.


Dashboard gives you a quick overview of the upcoming shifts and allows you to keep yourself up to date who, where and when is working. If you click on a staff member's name you can see more information about them such as their Skills & Expertise.

Dashboard also has a feedback option for the finished events which allows you to easily write feedback on the event.


Schedule page gives you an overview of all the shifts and events by day, weekly or monthly view. You can also choose to filter by a Site to only see information related to a specific location.

Different colours on the Schedule indicate shift statuses - yellow means that all the positions have not been filled yet and green means that all positions have been filled. If you click on a shift it will show you all the relevant information connected to it such as staff members' names, position, site and charge.

By clicking on Location info in the top-right corner you can see further info about it such as the Qualifications required to work there, the assigned contacts and the Checkpoints(coming soon) associated with it.

On the Schedule page, you can also request an event yourself. Simply click on Add Event and fill out all the necessary information including the title, description, category, start/end date and times of the event.
The event will then be created and it will appear on the Schedule calendar. You can then use either the Dashboard or the Schedule page to keep an eye on the staffing process where it shows real-time information on it.


Timesheets give you an overview of all the shifts worked for you. You can use filters to choose a specific Site or a time period.


This section allows you to upload and view all necessary work related documents that you might want to store in the system.

If you have any questions or would like to know more, please contact us via the blue button located at the right bottom corner and we will be happy to help you out!

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