To create new shifts, go to the Schedule page - you can get there by clicking on 'Schedule' in your top tool bar.

This is what the Schedule page looks like:

To add a shift to a specific day, click on the little plus icon (within the red frame) next to your chosen date or just the date itself. This will open a pop up window.

Fill in the necessary information to create a shift by:

1. searching for a site or event you want to create a shift for (this has to be an existing site or event - if you haven't done this yet, go to Sites or Events on your main tool bar and create them);

2. selecting an existing or adding a new position for the shift and choosing the amount of staff members needed;

3. inserting the hours of the shift (once you have inserted the hours the system will automatically display how many hours total the shift will be);

4. If you leave the "search staff to assign" box empty, you will create an open shift, which will not be assigned to a specific staff member and will just show up in your shifts section.

However, if you wish, search staff to assign to this shift right away – start typing in the name of a staff member and you should be given the option of choosing that employee. If you do this, the shift will be assigned to them automatically.

Once you have filled in these fields, click 'Create' - if you assigned it to someone it will show up next to their name in the schedule, like so:

If you didn't assign it to anyone specific, it will be in the Shifts section like this:

Now, let's assume you did not assign it and wish to do so later. Click HERE to find out how to assign open shifts to staff members.

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