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Publishing shifts and sending schedules
Publishing shifts and sending schedules

Send rota, schedule, publish, notify

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After you're done putting together the weekly schedule or have made any changes to it, you need to publish it to make it visible for everyone involved and to notify them of their new schedule.

The schedule is not published automatically every time you make a single change to it - this is because we want you to be able to take your time assembling the schedule and change your mind as many times as you like without having a notification sent out every time you make a change.

Publishing shifts

You can either publish the shifts one by one, all at the same time or only some of them using the Select tool. You can see whether a shift is published or not from its colour - if it striped through it means it has not been published yet and if it is shown in a full colour the shift is already published.


To publish a single shift:

1. Go to a shift box in the schedule view.

2. Right-click on the shift to open the action menu and select 'Publish shift'.

3. A pop-up window will open where you can choose if and how you want to notify the employee about the new shift assignment. Tick in the suitable options and click on 'Send'.

4. The shift has now been published and will show in fully filled in colour.


To publish shifts for everyone:

1. After you have assigned all the shifts or made any changes to the shifts and you are ready to inform your staff about their schedules click on the red 'Publish & Send' button in the top right corner of the page to open the actions menu.

2. Click on ‘Publish schedule changes’ to publish shifts that haven’t been published yet. This will send the schedules and rota changes to all the relevant staff members.

3. If you wish to send schedules to everyone regardless if they have any unpublished shifts or changes made, you can do this by clicking on the ‘Send schedules to all people’. This will publish the unpublished shifts as well as send out schedules to all the visible people.

You can also send only one user their weekly schedule:

1. Go to the employee’s name on the schedule to whom you wish to send a schedule and click on the three dots next to their name for the action menu.

2. Choose ‘Send schedule’ to send only this person their schedule.

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Note: jobs do not require to be published, once they are assigned to the employees they are visible to them.

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