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Open shifts, approved shifts, shifts waiting for confirmation, shift applications, pending and completed jobs
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The shifts and jobs in Schedule view have different statuses which are visually shown by them having a different colour to the normal position colour or having some other characteristics to indicate their status. If you want to see more details and options about a shift simply left-click on the shift to open it OR right-click on it to open immediate actions such as Publish, Accept, Delete etc.

In this article, we'll introduce you to all the different shift statuses that we have in the system to help you navigate on the Schedule with ease.

Open shifts

These are shifts at the top of the Schedule which haven't been assigned to any staff yet, therefore they are still open shifts. You can drag and drop them to assign them to staff OR if you have the setting 'Staff can apply for open shifts' switched on then it means that these shifts are visible to staff as well and they are able to apply for these themselves too.

Unpublished shifts

Unpublished shifts show on the schedule as striped through which means that these have been assigned to people but are not yet published, meaning, they have not been made visible to employees yet. You can swap these or cancel and the people wouldn't get any notification about it - this allows you to schedule with ease and arrange the shifts as needed.
Once you're happy with everything you can publish the shifts - use the red 'Publish & send' button on the top left corner of the calendar to publish all the shifts seen on the calendar at once or right-click on the shift to publish just one individual shift.

Published and approved shifts

Full colour stands for shifts that have been assigned and published to people and if needed, also approved. These are shifts that are completely confirmed and no further action needs to be taken.

Shifts waiting for confirmation

These are displayed in a yellow colour instead of the normal position colour to represent the 'waiting' status. This means you have sent a request to people to cover a shift and they have yet to accept it.
You can either wait for the person to confirm it or you can confirm it yourself (for example if the employee wishes to accept the shift but doesn't have access to a computer or mobile application at the moment) by right-clicking on the shift and choosing 'Confirm'. The shift will then turn into a normal position colour.

Please note! Requiring people to confirm the shifts is optional and depends on whether the setting 'Person´s confirmation required for new shift' is switched on in the Scheduling Settings. Read more the shift confirmation function here.

Shift applications

Shifts with striped border are people's shift applications for the open shifts. It means they have seen the open shifts and applied for them.
You can either accept or reject the shift application by right clicking on it. When you accept the shift application it will turn to a full colour shift and will also notify the people that their application has been successful.

Please note! Whether the people is able to see the open shifts and apply for them depends on the setting 'People can apply for open shifts' which you can find in the Scheduling Settings.

Now we've successfully walked you through the Schedule's shifts section! In case anything is still unclear, the links to all the articles are below. Also, remember that if you've got a question or problem our Support Center can't solve, you can always ask a question via blue chat button in the right bottom corner and we'll be happy to help you out!

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