Shift Cancellation Reasons section allows you to enter your own cancellation reasons to the system in addition to the default ones. You can find this section on System Settings -> Scheduling Settings.

  • To add a new reason simply click on 'Add Reason', name it and Save. The reasons written in black are system default reasons which can't be edited, however, the reasons you have added are in blue and are editable and removable.
  • Once you have added the shift cancellation reasons into the system, you can select them when unassigning a shift from a staff member. When you go to the shift and right-click on it, it will give you the option to 'Unassign'. If you choose that, it will open up a dialogue box where you can choose the correct cancellation reason.
  • If you wish, there is also an option to add an absence to the staff member at the same time if this is applicable or to set them as unavailable. Once you have selected the reason and/or absence, click 'Unassign'. The shift will then pop back up to the top of the schedule as an open shift.

Cancelled Shifts Report

This report shows you the statistics and gives an overview of all the cancelled shifts along with the cancellation reasons and absences.

You can go there if you hover over the Schedule tab and from the options that appear click on 'Shifts List'. From the page that opens go to the Cancelled Shifts page.

  • On the report you can see all the information about the shifts that have been cancelled such as the shift time, staff member's name, by whom the shift was cancelled etc. If you have chosen an absence and/or cancellation reason, it will be displayed here. If you haven't chosen them while unassigning a shift, it will show as blank on the report.
  • To see the shift details altogether, click on the staff members name and it will open up a box where you have all the information.
  • Use the filters to find more specific information about cancellations, for example, you can use Site filter to get an overview of the cancelled shifts in that particular site or can look up what shifts were cancelled due to a specific cancellation reason.
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