From time to time, you will need to help your people with their PARiM account login details. As an admin portal user, you will be able to resend their login details, change their email ID or password. All of these actions can be done directly in the specific person´s profile. 

Please find below the list of actions that you can make in order to help the person with their login issue.

1. Resend login details. Open the person profile under the People list and choose from 'Actions' drop-down menu option 'Resend login details'

2. Change email. The email can be changed under person´s profile if you click on the green 'Edit' button to open person´s main information

3. Change password. You can also change person´s password if needed. To change the password, please choose from the drop-down 'Actions' menu 'Change password' to update it. After changing the password, please let the person know.

Good to know. We also have created great supporting articles for your people to help them to solve their different login issues and all of them are available on our Staff portal for employees:

  1. First, to find out why they cannot access their PARiM portal  - possible reasons are listed here

  2. Secondly to advise them on how do change their password? Step by step guide is  here

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