Employees´ contracts can be edited or ended using different options within PARiM system. Please find below the overview of the possibilities on where and how you can do it:

1. On the person´s profile under Employment tab - each person´s profile has an Employment tab that gives great overview of all the contract details. If you would like to edit contract details or end it, then please click on 'Edit' and change the details needed.

Good to know! To end a contract simply insert the contract end date and after that date the employee will not be on the Schedule anymore. If you are ending a contract and the person has already been assigned shifts, then you have option to 'Keep the Schedule' or 'Clear upcoming schedule'. Keep the schedule allows you to add new contract and keep all the assigned shifts. Clear upcoming schedule will unassign all the shifts to open area.

2. On the People page using three dot menu
- look up the person whose contract you would like to edit/end and click on the three-dot menu after the person´s name. Choose from the drop-down menu either 'Change employment type' or 'Terminate' - fill in the details needed and click on 'Save' and then on 'Confirm'.

3. On the People page using multiple selection - please look up and select the employees whose contract you would like to end or change employment type, then click on 'With Selected' and choose from the drop-down menu 'Terminate' or 'Change employment type'. Choose the action you would like to do, fill in the details and click on 'Save'

Good to know! If you are ending contract for people who already have been assigned shifts, then all these shifts will be removed to open area and can be re-assigned to other people.

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