Jobs are available for customers on Business and Professional plan.

Jobs can be used for tasks or work that needs to be done within a certain timeperiod but without setting a specific shift start or end time.
The Pay for the job is a one off payment. E.g. there is a work that needs to be done - a carpet installation. It can be done within a week, no certain time and timesheet needed after, it just needs to be done within a shiftwork or separately.

Please note! Jobs currently don't show on apps.

1. You can add a job within the open shift area or add it straight to a person. Right click on the calendar and choose 'Add job'.

2. A window will open where you can fill in all the job details. Name the job and select a timeframe during which it needs to be completed. You can also choose a person or leave it blank until it needs to be assigned.

4. Click 'Save' and you are done.

5. You can now see the job created on the Schedule calendar in a blue colour. Blue colour indicates that the job hasn't been finished yet.

6. Once the job is done it will turn to a green colour. The job can be marked as done by the person or by the admins. There are 2 options for Marking the job done - right-click on the job and choose from drop down 'Mark job as done' OR open the job dialogue and click on 'Mark as done'.


7. The finished job will turn to a green colour.

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