Jobs are available for customers on Business and Professional plan.

On the Schedule calendar you are able to create both shifts and jobs. The main differences between a shift and a job are time and payment.


Shift is created for a specific time which you can track, for example, 9:00 - 17:00. For a job you can't add start and end time, just a date by when it needs to be done.

Job is considered more like a task. E.g. there is a work that needs to be done - a carpet installation. It can be done within a week, no certain time and timesheet needed after, it just needs to be done separately or within a shiftwork.


Another difference is that whereas shifts have hourly rates the jobs have a one off payment - this means that regardless of the hours or dates it took to complete a job the payment will be fixed. This is the reason why many of our users use it also for additional pay if needed because within a shift the staff sometimes do an extra work or get benefits.

Read more here about how to create a shift and how to create a job.

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