Jobs are available for customers on Business and Professional plan.

From time to time there might need to enter a deduction to your Pay Run report and best way do to it with PARiM is via 'Jobs'.

Please open your Schedule page and enter a job with the minus amount you would like to deduct for the specific person, position and client. Please follow the steps:

  1. Look up the person and right-click on the day

  2. Next, please choose from drop-down menu 'Add Job'

  3. Fill in the deduction details - amount with a minus, location, position and click on Save

  4. Open the Job and mark it as done

Now the deduction is available in the Pay Run and in Revenue Summary reports.

Pay Run report - the deduction is displayed as follows:

Revenue Summary report - the deduction is displayed as follows:

Good to know! Job can be added even if the person already has a shift for that day.

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