This article introduces the new scheduling functionalities.

Copying Shifts

To copy a shift right-click on the shift and choose 'Copy'. Next, find the place where you would like to copy the shift and right-click to 'Paste'. This can be used both for an individual shift as well for multiple shifts in Select Mode.

Multi-shift Creation

This function allows you to create multiple shifts in one go. Simply go to add a shift, click on the calendar icon or on the date and the calendar will open where you can select the dates that you want this shift to be created for.

Select Mode - Perform actions for multiple shifts

In Select Mode you can select the shifts, applications and requests that you want to work with and then choose which action you want to do with them. You can turn the 'Select Mode' ON from the Tools menu.

Selecting shifts

When the Select Mode is ON the shifts become selectable. You can select the shifts either by ticking them individually OR you can select the area by left-clicking on the calendar and dragging the mouse to cover the area of shifts.


The possible actions for the selected shifts will appear on the blue bar which also indicates that you're in the Select Mode. To exit from the Select Mode either click on the X at the end of the blue bar or switch the mode OFF under the Tools menu.

Assigning shifts in Select Mode

Tick the open shifts and then drag them for the employee you want to assign these to.

Copying shifts in Select Mode

Select the shifts, right-click on them and from the options that appear choose 'Copy'. Next, find the place where you want to copy these to and right-click for the 'Paste' option.

Moving shifts in Select Mode

Select the shifts and left-click on them to drag and drop the shifts to the new place on the calendar.

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