To assign a shift to a person, make sure you are on the Calendar view and can see both your shifts and people section.

You can either view all of your people at the bottom half of the page at the same time or display a specific employee by typing their name in the Search people box in the top left corner of the shifts view.

Then find the shift or a job from the list that you wish to assign to an employee and simply drag and drop it next to the persons' name on the correct date.

Once you've dropped it, there will be a pop up window that will notify you in case there are any suitability issues (person has expired certificates, doesn't have the position linked to their profile, is banned from the site etc). The notification will be displayed only if this setting has been selected under Scheduling Setting. If you want to go ahead and still assign the shift click on 'Continue' and if you want to can add the missing position to the person.

The shifts should now show up next to the employee's name in the weekly view under the correct date. Depending on your system settings, the shift will be either assigned automatically or wait for confirmation from the employee.

Now you know how to assign shifts to people. Here's the next article.

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