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SMS & Voice module with combination of Time&Attendance module offers great functionality for your people to clock in and out from their shifts without the need to have the latest smart or iPhones using simple SMS or a phone call. The clock in, break start, break end and clock out times are recorded by the system allowing you to track the attendance on the ‘Time Clock’ page, in REAL TIME. 

Please note if you would like to activate the SMS & Voice Module you would need to contact us as we need to allocate a phone number to your company. This can be done via the blue bubble chat on the bottom right-hand corner of the system or send an email to 

Please activate the phones access for your people on their profile by switching ‘Phone access’ button from ‘OFF’ to ‘ON’. Please make also sure that you have subscribed to Time&Attendance module.

After you have activated the phone access, the person will receive an email with the following details:

  1.  A clock in phone number which is unique for your company

  2. A 4-digit PIN code that is unique for each person who works for your company

When the person has received the notification email from the system, then he or she can start to make all clocking actions - clock in, break start, break end and clock out - using either a phone call or SMS.

Clocking actions with a phone call

Please find below short action list for clocking action via a call

  • First, the person needs to ring the number provided by within the email.

  • Then, the person needs to enter the PIN code when asked by the operator

  • Next, the shift information will be announced; shift hours, what position and where.

  • Finally, the person will have 4 options to choose from;

  1.   1 – to clock in

  2.   3 – to clock out

  3.   7 – start a break

  4.   9 – finish break

Clocking actions with SMS

If you want to receive possible SMS commands to your phone, then send a text message using the same number as for the phone call with text “how to” but without quotes. Shortly you will receive a respond text message with the possible commands.

These are the commands you are able to use via SMS service:

  1.   PIN status – information about the assigned shifts for ‘today’ where and what position.

  2.   PIN clockin – to clock in

  3.   PIN clockout - to clock out

  4.   PIN startbreak – to start a break

  5.   PIN finishbreak – to finish a break

Please find below short action list for clocking action via an SMS

  • In the text field the person needs to enter their unique PIN code, a space and then to type in one of the above mentioned options

  • Then send it to the telephone number received by email.

    For example – 3330 clockin

SMS & Voice modul is easy to use and if you have any questions, please contact PARiM support team via the blue bubble chat icon.

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