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There are various ways to track time and attendance - Time Clock real-time dashboard, mobile app and notifications help you manage the workforce in real-time. You can also watch an introductory video here on how time and attendance works in Parim.

The people have multiple options how to start and end their shifts all of which can be monitored by admins and supervisors. Notifications and alerts go out both to people and admins about the current shift statuses to make sure everyone is notified of the relevant information on time.

People can start and end their shift in the following ways:

1. PARiM's Mobile App

People can clock in and out on Android or iOS phones using PARiM’s mobile app. For Windows phones users will need to use a mobile browser to access PARiM. Employees log into their account on the app, go to the Time Clock to see today's shift and tap on Start. (The system allows to clock in three hours before the scheduled shift time.) The Location Access needs to be turned ON to send the GPS location of the phone during the clocking action. The system automatically asks permission during an installation.

2. Tablet

Tablet works in a similar way to the mobile app but can be used for situations where one device is used for all employees and a personal mobile device is not required. Tablet is usually fixed to the wall next to the entrance. Enabling a PIN access on the mobile app gives the employees a simple way to access their shift and start the clock.

3. SMS and Voice call

People can clock in and out via a text message or a voice call. This can be used in a situation where employees don’t have a smartphone or where there is a special landline on the site. The phone access needs to be switched ON for each user in order to give them the option to clock in via an SMS or a Voice call. When you switch the phone access ON, a unique PIN number will be sent to the person. This PIN will need to be used to identify themselves when texting or calling in to the system.

4. Desktop

People can also clock into their shift on a desktop or a mobile browser if they don't have the mobile app. If they log into their account and they have a shift assigned for the day a green 'Clock In' button will be displayed on top of the Schedule.

Managers and supervisors can monitor people attendance in real-time

1. Time Clock page

Gives you an overview of all the ongoing shifts and their current real-time status - whether the person is late to their shift and hasn't clocked in yet, whether the shift is running as normal or if the person is doing overtime or has clocked out early from their shift. You can also take action on the person's behalf if needed and clock them in and out of the shift. Read more about Time Clock page here.

2. PARiM's Mobile App

Admins and Supervisors can see the status of the shift. If clock icon is red, it means that person either hasn’t clocked in or forgot to clock out.

Admin also has the option to clock in/out the person. Touch on the person name and you are directed to the shift details for all actions.

Notifications to people

Employees receive app push notifications as reminders about the shift start and end time as well as alerts if they're late or started doing overtime. Here are the push notifications that the employees would receive:

  1. Shift is about to start in 15 minutes

  2. Shift has started

  3. You're late to your shift

  4. You're shift is about to end

  5. You started doing overtime

Notifications for admins and supervisors

Mobile app push notifications

They will receive an alert if the staff is late, doing overtime or has finished the shift early. These are the notifications:

  1. Person is late to shift

  2. Person is doing overtime

  3. Person has clocked out early

Emails and SMS notifications

Admins and supervisors can also receive alert notifications as email and text messages. This can be set on the Notifications page (go to the System Settings and from there to Notifications)

Desktop notifications

If you are accessing PARiM for the first time, then your browser will ask you to allow desktop notifications. Turn it ON and you will get real-time notifications to your screen without the need to be on the Timeclock page.

If you wish to turn the desktop notifications ON later please have a look at the instructions on how to do it here.

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