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PARiM SMS & Voice module allows you to send different notifications via SMS and also offers a great possibility for your people to clock in and out of their shifts using SMS or phone call. 

The SMS & Voice clocking manual can be downloaded here:

SMS & Voice module helps you to reach your people more efficiently by offering the following options:

1. Sending new schedule/rota via SMS

SMS & Voice module gives you a great opportunity to notify your people via SMS about their new schedule. In order to do just that, there are a few simple steps to follow. A step by step guide on how to do it is HERE.

2. Sending a message via SMS

Every time when you message your people using PARiM you are able to choose how you want the message to be delivered - via email, SMS or both. The selection needs to be made before sending the message by simply ticking your preference within the message dialogue box.

Please read more about messaging and emailing people HERE.

3. Sending system notifications via SMS

With SMS & Voice module you can also choose what system notifications will be sent via SMS and to whom. You can set your preferences under the 'Notifications' sub-menu that is found in System Settings.

Next, switch 'ON' SMS option for the notification for which you want the SMS to be sent out.

Read in more detail about notifications settings HERE.

4. Clocking in/out using an SMS or a call

When you have activated the SMS & Voice module for your company, then your people will have the possibility to clock in and out using SMS or phone call. Please find the step by step guide HERE

Important to know!  People can't reply or message back via a text message.

If you want to start using the SMS & Voice module and you have not yet activated it, then please contact us via blue bubble chat on the bottom right-hand corner of the system or send an email to Extra charges will apply.

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