With PARiM you can to set up preferred Employment Types to help you differentiate your employees - this is one of the best ways to classify your people. After you have set up all the 'Employment Types' you are ready to assign them to your employees.

PARiM offers three options on how to add employment type to people:

1. One employment type to multiple people in one go

With a few simple clicks, you are able to add employment types to multiple people using 'With Selected' mode. Please open People page, select the people and then use 'With Selected' option to set an employment type to them:

Good to know! When adding employment type using 'With selected' mode you simply add the type, but can't specify the start/end time nor the contract number for the persons. If you want to add specific details, then this needs to be done on the person´s profile under Employment tab.

2. Contract details update on person´s profile under the Employment tab

With this action, you will be able to set a employment type with specific details to one person. Please open the person's profile Employment tab and add a contract type with dates and contract number:

3. Set Employment Type using 3 dot menu after person´s row in People page

With this action, you can set contract type for one person without specifying details, like start and end date and contract number.

Good to know! Only active Employment Types can be added to people and the drop-down is only including active Contract Types

TIP! You can also add multiple contracts to a person and see the previous contracts under Employment tab on the person´s profile. This will give you an overview of the person's employment history.

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