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Priority List for Pay and Charge rules
Priority List for Pay and Charge rules
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PARiM Pay and Charge rules offer a wide range of possibilities for setting up rules and with that the rules share the same end object to which the rule is applied to. Priority list within System Settings allows you to decide in what order the system applies the rules to the shifts. 

Priority lists are separate for Pay Rules and Charge Rules and are found under Financials:

How to update the priority list?

If you would like to update the order how the rules are added to the shifts by the system, then please open the Financials section within System Settings and click either Pay Rules or Charge rules depending on which order you would like to change. Next, please drag and drop the rule to a new place and click on 'Save' at the bottom of the page.

Good to know! Priority lists can be different for charge and pay rules. Once you have updated the list all the new shifts will have the rule based on the new priority and you can change the rule manually for the already created shifts on the Schedule.

How does priority list work?

For example, position Security Guard is used in the personal rule for John Smith, then it is used in combination with a location and there is also the general rule for Security Guard. With this example you can set the Priority list up for the system to always check if there is a personal rule first, then will check if there is location+position rule and lastly position rule - more precise rules take higher priority over more general ones and will be added to the shift based on shift criteria.

When shift details are not matching with the personal rule or with location+position rule, then a simple position rule rate is added.

If you have any questions, please feel free to write to us at or contact us through the chat function in PARiM.

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